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Naughts And Crosses
This is a Naughts and Crosses game. It has two pages, first one is a starting page where
has a start bottom and second one is main page where users play the game with naughts, 0
and crosses, x. It is basically two users game. One user can choose anyone from 0 or x
and another one for opponent. From the first page when press the start bottom then the
next/main page will open.

So now there are two options in the top left corner of the page for choosing 0 or x and
nine blank boxes in the middle of the page. Now firstly user can select any one from
these 0 or x by press on that then put in any blank box as per his/her own choice and
then another user choose the rest one 0 or x which will be shown in the top left corner
and do the same. This process will be repeat and continue until either any one user
matches same three items 0 or x in vertically/horizontally/diagonally or fill-up all the
boxes with no matches. If there are any user matches with same three item 0 or x in
vertically/horizontally/ diagonally then that user will win and see a message like success
otherwise see a message like drawn after fill-up all blank boxes with no matches. After
happens any of this above thing user could be see a bottom, restart in the top left corner
of the page then press on that and play again.
Dear user, you can download the app and install on to your phone OR you can play online
without installing. In both the cases almost same amount of data is used.
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