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CBSE Hindi I
This is our effort to bring the child education into Tizen phones. In this app you will be
able to teach HINDI to kids of class one. The app follows the curriculum of CBSE,
India. But anyone can start learning through the app.

It has two chapters now. We will add more chapters to it over time. Complete course of
Hindi, class 1 will be covered in this app. The teachers of CBSE and other schools will
find it very useful for teaching to their kids. This app can best be used for giving tuition
to kids at home. The parents must use it to assist their children at home.

How to operate: First press on the icon of the game. You will get the first page just
follow the arrow button and complete the chapter one by one. At last you will get the
restart button to restart the application.
Dear user, you can download the app and install on to your phone OR you can play online
without installing. In both the cases almost same amount of data is used.
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