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Brain Vita
Brain Vita is a single person board game. It involves moving marbles from one position to
another position on the board according to rules. The objective is to have as few marbles
as possible at the end of the game.

How to play
The board consists of holes (positions) which can hold marbles. All positions, except one,
have marbles placed in them at the start of the game. A valid move for a marble is moving
it from its position to an empty position (which is two positions away, horizontally or
vertically) by jumping over a non-empty position. The marble in the 'jumped' position is
removed from the board. The game ends when there is no valid move possible.

There is an undo move option in the page where user can undo the last move at any time by
pressing that button. At any time or after finishing the game user can restart this game
again by pressing restart button in the page.

The objective is to move marbles such that at the end of the game, there are as few
marbles as possible. A single marble is a perfect result.
Dear user, you can download the app and install on to your phone OR you can play online
without installing. In both the cases almost same amount of data is used.
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