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Safety Run
Safety run is a simple balancing game. The game will provide you the path rather a bridge
on which you have to walk. When you will reach the destination the next stage will be
provided to you as next stage. Now the trick is you have stick your cart with the bridge
otherwise you will fall down. No time span will be there so culm yourself play carefully
and enjoy the game.

To play the game you have to touch the hat on the sky. Then bring the small cartoon
character near near or under the hat that is lying on the ground. If you touch the
cartoon and the hat correctly you the cartoon will wear the hat.

Then touch the belt kind of thing on the sky. Bring the cartoon at the right side of the
screen. Pick pu the belt from there. Then go to trolley on the right side of the screen.
Touch the trolley several times to go to the next level.

In each level there are circular nagition areas. touch properly to the next level. In each
level you have to run on the narrow strips. Keep walking on the narrow strip by touching
along the path.
Dear user, you can download the app and install on to your phone OR you can play online
without installing. In both the cases almost same amount of data is used.
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