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Lovely Stories I
This is an application where you can read interesting Bengali stories. Here the stories
are in Bengali language. Story pages are shown as jpg pictures.

At first page of the app there are navigation buttons Page1, Page2, etc. Touch the button
to go to that page. On the page different story images are given. The name of the story
is written in Bengali language on each picture. User has to select one of them as per
their choice. When user presses on the image, first page of that story arrives. In that
page one button is given - Aramv. Just press on it to start the story. By scrolling and
zooming the page user is able to read the full page. On this page the four buttons are
given which are Next, Previous, Restart (Punaray) and Home (Prachchhad) in Bengali
language. By pressing Next button story precedes one by one page. By pressing Previous
user can back to the previous page. By pressing Restart button user returns to the first
page of that story and by pressing Home user can get back to that page from where he
can go to the particular story of his choice .This rule is applied for the entire story
pages. When story is completed the last page will open. Two buttons are present there.
Restart and Home. Restart is for read the Story again and Home is for get back to the
Main page.
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Dear user, you can download the app and install on to your phone OR you can play online
without installing. In both the cases almost same amount of data is used.
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