Tizen App Store
We are working with Linux Foundation for quite a long. We
developed  over 150 apps in BADA. This is an open source mobile
operating system adopted by Samsung. Our apps were well received
by all WAVE devices across world.
Tizen is successor of BADA OS. Tizen is also open source. It has
C++, HTML based SDK for developing apps. In the initial days of
Tizen Samsung gave us an opportunity to port BADA apps into tizen.
We ported around 40 apps. Following this success we developed
more apps on Tizen. The first Tizen device was launched in January
Samsung Z1 and Z3 are the two model that run Tizen OS. Since we
are the pioneer in India on Tizen apps we decided to maintain our
own apps store. And tizen phones are selling successfully in India.
We are also from India. This positions us to create great content for
Indian users. Please visit the store pages and download the apps for
free for limited period of time. SO HURRY UP!!!